Dispatches From Dad

Every once in a while, my dad sends me photos from home. A lot of them are taken during the many walks he takes. Others commemorate special events that I unfortunately cannot attend.

Shortly before I returned to Manila after Christmas break '09-'10, I told Dad I'd set up a blog for his photos. I want them to have a place outside of our hard drives, that's all.

He didn't say yes or no, just, "A blog?" And I decided to take that as "Okay." So, here it is.



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  1. Sept. 22:

    Two riders only, 29km round trip over 4hr 15min incl rest stops.
    Max elev reached was 952m.
    There are 4.5km from the right turn from Landan town to Bato highest point and this took us 1h 17min to negotiate, including stops and walking up unbikeable sections.

  2. Dad says his recent rides have been taking him upland already.

    Sept. 14:

    Three riders, 34.4 km round trip, over 4 hours incl stops.
    Longest continuous uphill is 11.5 km over a rise of 385m.
    Highest elev reaced is 947.3m.
    For a future adventure Google Earth shows there is a road (yellow trace) near Datal Bila that will exit in Malandag but this is a very long ride to the city.

  3. These are the GPS traces from the ride when the previously posted photos were taken.

    Dad’s notes:

    Bike ride last Sat, 9/07.
    Three riders, 40km, reaching 1020m elev.
    Ride time is 4 hr 50 min, incl stops.
    Longest uphill stretch is 14.6km.
    Glandang is 4.7km from Kablon.

  4. This is from a Sept. 7 ride. Dad’s friend took these photos. Dad’s the one with the yellow helmet.

  5. July 14: Home to Kinilis to J Farm in Landan.

    32 km total.
    3 riders 17.8 km
    2 riders 14.3 km

  6. June 9: Bike ride to Kalyong.

    31 km total over 4hrs 15 min, leisurely pace.
    Highest elev reached was 850m.
    Four riders.
    Ascent of 313m from lowest point to highest over a distance of 14.6km.

  7. June 9: Mati GPS Traces.

  8. May 22: Election Day Short Bike Ride with Ramon

    26 km round trip.
    A total of 3 hours, including carinderia breakfast stop in Polomolok.
    One flat front tire.

  9. May 12: Katangawan Bike Ride.

    Three riders, 55.4 km ride, (60km round trip for my companions, one flat tire, McDo breakfast, 4 hrs ride.
    Long downhill distance of 31.5 km

  10. May 4: River crossing.

    May 4: River crossing.